Partners in Action, Partners in Success

This is what we did with your donations this year

Hoisting devices sent to elderly people who fell at home


Calls to the Emergency Helpline


Items of medical equipment lent


Loans of Home Hospital Units


Trips in YadSaraVans


Phone conversations with homebound individuals


Treatments at home by the Mobile Dental Unit


Treatments at the Family Center for the Prevention of Violence


Medical equipment repairs


Guests at Hospitality Center


Visits to the Emergency Medical Center


Evacuation by ambulance to hospital


Services to homebound individuals


Service recipients of legal aid for seniors


Participants in the Day Rehabilitation Centers


10 New Centers For Relieving Loneliness

The year 2021 was the year we began to deal with the consequences of post-Corona and the need to address the epidemic of loneliness among homebound seniors. According to research data from the international organization, Share, 47% of people aged 65 and over report feeling lonely.

In order to address this phenomenon, we have established in the past year 10 holistic centers throughout the country to help isolated seniors. The centers include: helplines that initiate calls to the elderly; a distress button and a sensor for detecting falls; shuttle services for medical treatments, family events, recreation and leisure; medical treatments at home and more. Next year, additional branches will be established

Excursions for People with Disabilities

Yad Sarah has initiated and organized trips all over the country for people with reduced mobility, many of whom are confined to wheelchairs. In some cases, these are people who have not left their home for anything but medical treatment in many months. The trips took them to many different destinations, among them the Yarkon River, the Western Wall, the Holocaust Museum in Netanya, the Armon HaNetziv promenade in Jerusalem, a Slichot tour, and more.

25 New Guest Rooms

Yad Sarah’s fully furnished guest rooms cater to family members whose loved ones are hospitalized at either Shaare Zedek Hospital, which is adjacent to Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem, or at Beit Levenstein, which is adjacent to the Raanana branch. Staying in the hospitality units allows family members to be close to their loved ones yet gives them the chance to renew their physical and emotional resources to better cope with the difficult days they face. Eleven more guest rooms are under construction.

Keeping our Children Safe

In the past year, there has been a sharp increase in the number of casualties in road accidents among the Bedouin sector. Yad Sarah mobilized to fight the carnage on our roads by distributing hundreds of safety seats to the residents of the Bedouin community in the Negev. We also lent tens of thousands of safety devices that we developed at Yad Sarah to prevent children from being forgotten in a vehicle.

Prizes We Won

  • The Israel Health Ministry presented the Leading Health Initiative of the Year Award for 2021 to Yad Sarah for our project for the prevention of unnecessary hospitalizations.

  • For establishing a development team that led the Yad Sarah home hospital revolution, we won first place in the 'Six Sigma' competition, competing against leading companies in the Israeli economy and elite units in the army.

  • Yad Sarah received global recognition in the international competition 'We Are Together.' Out of 430 social initiatives, Yad Sarah qualified for the finals and won recognition for its activities to prevent the collapse of the health system in Israel during the Corona pandemic. The judging panel included representatives of international organizations including the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the International Association of Volunteers, and the Associations of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

  • Epic Award – Yad Sarah won first place at the Epic Awards ceremony for its crowdfunding campaign to provide life-saving respiratory equipment in the early days of the Corona pandemic. The award committee crowned the campaign of Yad Sarah and the advertising agency, Reuveni Frieden, which works with Yad Sarah on a voluntary basis, as the most effective campaign of this year.

Yad Sarah Opens its 122nd Branch

This year two new branches were opened, one in Mitzpe Jericho and one in Hadera near the beach. In order to meet the growing demand for home hospitalization equipment that is immediately available to patients, a do-it-yourself system has been set up that allows a hospital room to be borrowed and assembled at home, which includes a bed, a patient hoist, an armchair with seat lift, and more.

Hybrid Healthcare

Due to the corona epidemic, infections and overcrowding in hospitals, there is a need for patients to be “hospitalized” at home. In order to address this need, we have implemented a hybrid system combining the use of advanced technology and remote monitoring of the patient, including video calls and innovative equipment, thus enabling medical staff to manage the care of patients as they recover at home.

!Dear Partners

Our 7,000 volunteers work around the clock to provide assistance to more than 800,000 Israelis each year.

Thanks to your partnership and loyalty, in the past year we have expanded our activities and provided a variety of essential services to hundreds of thousands of recipients across the country.

We greatly appreciate your partnership, and know that together with G-d’s help we can continue to provide assistance and be a strong support for the entire Israeli society.

With appreciation,